CJ Socket certification is required before you will be able to place an order.

Although the CJ Socket is relatively simple, there are pitfalls if done incorrectly.  All certified prosthetists are encouraged to register for a one day certification course regarding the revolutionary CJ Socket design.

Training is typically done in one day and includes:

  • Socket theory, design variations and details
  • Determining patient and prescription protocols
  • Casting, measuring, model rectification, alignment and fabrication
  • Sail measuring, ordering form and installation
  • Donning and socket fit instructions
  • Clinical follow up
  • Medical necessity documentation, coding and billing

Please note, CEUs are approved for both ABC and BOC for this one day course.

Course Location

We are committed to your success and will provide training and certification at your facility or via a GoToMeeting Webinar.  For training at your location, facility must include sufficient space for a PowerPoint presentation, seating for all attendees, patient fitting, plaster model modification, sewing, assembly, and typical socket modifications for heat flaring, grinding and padding.



Register for training via paper or online form:

An invoice for the course including registration cost ($50 per credentialed attendee, or $25 per non-credentialed attendee to cover course materials and CEU processing), plus socket materials and travel costs, if applicable, will be issued after the course.

CJ Socket Fabrication

CJ Socket Fabrication

CJ Socket Fitting

CJ Socket Training Registration

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    What Prosthestists Are Saying

    Thank you for inventing the CJ Socket and making it available to the Prosthetist’s toolbox. I attended your excellent one day seminar which was one of the best I have ever attended for depth of knowledge and completeness of any new technique. There will be many amputees across the country who will smile many more times in the day due to the CJ Socket. I truly liked the seminar and the technique, and you have a naturally educational demeanor. – Pat Peick, CPO

    My feeling, having used it now on 5 or 6 different patients, is that it addresses almost all the socket problems that we have had over the years with almost all the different rigid and semi rigid designs.  Across the board, all of the people I have put this on have had increased comfort in sitting and standing.  They no longer feel like they are sitting on a fence all the time and toileting is easier.  I now use this as my first choice of socket design for all my AK patients. – Frank H. Twyefort, III, CPO

    I have had some really great success with this socket system.  Unlike other transfemoral socket techniques, the CJ is intuitive and the learning curve is short.  I don’t need to make multiple check sockets to get the fit that is best for my patient.  The patients I have used the CJ on are amazed at how easy it is to don and they all love the user adjustability feature of the CJ that allows them to improve their comfort on the fly! Therapists and doctors that I have shown the CJ to have been very impressed with this socket and when they observe the results on the patient, they are even more amazed! I am very pleased that Keith has shared this concept with me, as the CJ has become an invaluable tool in my prosthetic toolbox!  Thanks Keith- you the man! – Jason Rizzo, CPO

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