CJ Socket Prosthetic ArmShannon is a 31 year old congenital left Transhumeral amputee who had used a prosthesis on and off most of her life.  She had always been quite capable to use a prosthesis but would inevitably stop wearing it due to problems with fit or function.

Her residual limb is soft and the socket tended to shift while wearing it causing discomfort or inconsistent control.  In addition, socket electrodes would shift with the socket and make her myoelectric signals inconsistent and frustrating.

Shannon could not tolerate chest straps due to discomfort and interference with her clothing.

The CJ Socket Solution

The CJ Socket could solve the difficulties and in 2012 Shannon became the first CJ Socket Transhumeral fit in the country!

The CJ Socket incorporated a locking gel insert and MagneSnap™ electrodes.  The preamps were built into the CJ Sail for easy access and gain adjustments.

The soft tissues were managed well by loosening the socket for easy donning and then tensioning the Sail once properly positioned in the socket.

The CJ Socket is very conducive to gel insert electrodes since the wires are easily located beneath the sail.  And because the electrodes are incorporated into the gel insert, myoelectric control is not affected by inadvertent shifting of the socket during use.

No harness or strapping is required and therefore does not interfere with clothing or place pressure on the contralateral side.

Most importantly the socket fit is easily adjusted by the user without having to remove and reapply the prosthesis.  The sail is re-tensioned during the day to maintain a perfect volumetric fit.

Shannon has called this prosthesis her “BAE”, “Best Arm Ever”.

Patient Images