Project Description


CJ Socket Prosthetic Leg - Below the knewLee is a 63 year old Symes amputee who has significant scarring over the proximal anterior compartment and minor flaring at the tibial condyles.

He had historical issues related to suspension and friction and required a suspension sleeve on his previous prosthesis.

The CJ Socket Solution

To solve Lee’s historical issues, he was fit with a CJ Symes prosthesis.  The custom urethane gel insert was made with Velcro loop sewn into the outer fabric.  A Velcro hook was installed on the rigid socket to engage the insert.

The CJ Sail was left unattached on the medial side allowing for the socket to be easily donned by pressing it onto the gel insert from the front and engaging the Velcro.

The Sail was then tucked under the medial edge of the rigid socket and tensioned in the usual way using the Velcro straps.

The socket was easy to don and the large Velcro surface held the socket with remarkable efficiency.  Motion in the socket was greatly reduced and Lee was able to control the fit of the socket with unprecedented precision.  The results were truly amazing!

Patient Images