CJ Socket Prosthetic ArmGail is a 44 year old who lost her left arm as an adolescent in an electrical accident.  Her limb is bulbous in shape with significant scarring and tissue loss in the elbow area.

She uses her body powered prosthesis part time for certain essential activities.  She is an avid softball player.

She historically insisted her prosthesis be extraordinarily tight fitting to provide the control she needed, but the tight socket significantly limited her wearing time and her comfort.

The CJ Socket Solution

In 2010, Gail became the first transradial patient to be fit with a CJ Socket.

The Socket was self-suspending over her existing urethane gel insert.   Despite the bulbous shape, she was able to easily don the prosthesis, adjust the socket fit and enjoy better control.

Gail has been able to wear the prosthesis with no discomfort or limitations.

Patient Images