CJ Socket Prosthetic ArmDennis is a 52 year old who lost his left arm below the elbow in 2007 after his arm was crushed in a winch.

He was initially fit with a munster type 4 channel myoelectric prosthesis and was able to use with good effect for several years and incorporating the prosthesis for many of his activities.

He suffered a heart attack in 2014 and lost over 30 pounds.  His weight continued to fluctuate and he could not maintain a proper fit in his prosthesis.  As the socket tended to shift in position his electrode control became frustrating and inconsistent.

The CJ Socket Solution

Dennis was fit with a CJ transradial socket to accommodate his residual limb volume fluctuations.

The socket consisted of an upper X locking gel insert with MagneSnap™ electrodes.

The electrode placement and myoelectric control are unaffected by his residual limb volume changes and his elbow flexion was increased by 15 degrees.

Patient Images