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Our Proven Process Produces Results

1. Training

You must be a CJ Socket-certified prosthetist to order.

Visit our Training page for details on our one day course.

2. Casting

You take the Sail measurements from your modified cast or scan.

3. Ordering*

You send the Sail Order Form to CJ Socket Technologies and we’ll turn it around within 24 business hours from receipt of the order.

4. Fabrication

You fabricate the J-shaped socket and install the finished Sail.

Don’t have a lab? Contact us about C-Fab for your entire socket.

5. Delivering

You deliver a user adjustable volume socket to your patient. Additionally, you can easily adjust the fit using common prosthetic lab equipment.

*CJ Socket-certification is required before you can place an order

Although the CJ Socket is relatively simple, there are pitfalls if done incorrectly.  All prosthetists are encouraged to register for a one day certification course regarding the revolutionary CJ Socket design.  We are committed to your success and will provide training and certification at your facility.

If you are not a CJ Socket-certified prosthetist, please view the Training page for course Agenda and additional information.

CJ Socket Technologies provides your socket Sail!

We are committed to providing your Sail quickly and cost-effectively.  Each Sail is custom-made and shipped with mounting hardware within 24 business hours of receiving your measurement form. This allows you, the prosthetist, to focus on the rigid J-shaped fabrication which uses familiar laminates or thermoplastics.  Once the rigid J-shaped socket is made, installing the CJ Socket Technologies’ Sail is quick and easy.

Please visit the Resources page for the CJ Socket Sail Installation Instructions.

CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1
CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1
CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1
CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1
CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1
CJSocket - prosthetic leg fabrication 1

Placing an Order

CJ Socket_Ordering_Form


Ordering is Easy!

Lower Extremity Sail

If you are a CJ Socket-certified prosthetist:

  1. Download and complete the Lower Extremity Sail Order Form.
  2. Fax (978.922.0277) or email the completed form to us.
  3. CJ Socket Technologies will turn your sail around within 24 business hours from receipt of your order.

Upper Extremity Sail

If you wish to order an upper extremity sail, please contact our office for instructions.

In the near future, you will also be able to download the Upper Extremity Sail order form from our site.

Contact Info

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to call 978.922.0413 or email us.


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