Welcome to CJ Socket Technologies. 

We are excited to introduce a radically new prosthetic socket.  The “CJ” socket is a truly novel departure from conventional rigid or semi-rigid solid sockets. Its design allows the patient to easily adjust the fit of the socket to accommodate their residual limb volume changes (RLVC). The vast majority of prosthetic socket issues and failures can be attributed to RLVC and the socket’s rigidity. The “CJ” socket is intended to address these issues and significantly improve the amputee’s quality of life.

The "CJ" socket is a significant departure from conventional sockets and is comprised of 3 main parts: a rigid "J" shaped frame,a non-elastic garment referred to as the "Sail" and a patient adjustable Velcro closure.  


The Sail feels and acts more like clothing.  It naturally conforms to the individual's shape. The result is a harmonious interface between body and environment. Sitting on cloth beats sitting on hard plastic any day... The wearer can feel his limb through the cloth and rub or scratch at their whimsy. 

The "CJ" socket is a user adjustable volume socket that greatly improves the wearer's comfort. With improved comfort comes increased wearing time and with increased wearing time comes better ambulator skills.

For any prosthesis to be successful........ you have to want to wear it! 

It should feel like a part of you and be incorporated into your lifestyle and self image. 

See our new video! 


The Developer:              

The "CJ" socket was developed by Keith Cornell CP FAAOP. 

Practicing prosthetics since 1980 he has served on AOPA's coding and reimbursement committee, Board of Directors and as President in 2004.